Removes skunk odor from pets, people, fabrics, furniture, etc... Just saturate all the areas where the skunk hit and let dry.
•  Shampoo will not dry out their coats or irritate their skin
•  Shampoo is safe for puppies & kittens over 8 weeks old
All Products Are Biodegradable, Nontoxic & Non-Irritating. Works fast and removes odors permanently and eliminates odors - not mask them. Contains no bacteria, enzymes, or oxidizers and can be used with other cleaners or disinfectant.
Skunk-Off Liquid bottle
Skunk-Off Liquid
Soaker  8 oz.
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Skunk-Off Liquid Professional bottle
Skunk-Off Liquid Professional
Spray 32 oz.
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Skunk-Off Shampoo  bottle
Skunk-Off Shampoo
8 oz.
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Cat Odor-Off
  •  Stops odors from cat urine, tomcat spray, and smelly litter, Use on carpet, bedding, furniture, etc...
  •  Nonflammable and biodegradable

Pour Cat Odor-Off on the soiled area, making certain that you have covered the soiled area completely and with enough volume to soak through the carpet and the pad and into the floor.  Let it dry - That's it.
Cat Odor-Off bottle
Cat Odor-Off
16 oz.
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Dog Odor-Off
  •  Stops odors on your dogs coat.
  •  Can also be used on carpet, bedding, furniture, etc...
  •  Has a mild cedar fragrance which fleas and ticks dislike.
  •  Nonflammable and biodegradable

Spray Dog Odor-Off on the dog. Ruffle the fur while spraying so the product will cover as much hair and skin as possible.
You do not need to soak the animal.
Dog Odor-Off  bottle
Dog Odor-Off
16 oz.
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  •  Eliminates odors from anal gland secretion, tomcat
     spray, feces, litter, urine, etc...
  •  Use on animals, bedding, cages, litter box, carpets
Spray directly on all areas that contain odor and let dry.
AOE Spray bottle
AOE Spray
8 oz.
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