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The "Chipmunk Den" Transfer Cage
Made from 16 gage galvanized wire
5" x 5" x 17" cage
This transfer cage allows you to empty your catch in seconds and re-set the same trap on the spot.  It's great when you have numerous traps spread over a large area
Just carry the "Chipmunk Den" around the jobsite to collect all your catches resetting the same traps as you go. 
It's a great time and work saver.
Insert 3x3 trap into opening
on top of transfer cage.
Push trap into door opener allowing
animal access to one way door.
Trap will open spring loaded
one way door when pushed into it.
Door on 3x3 trap is opened
after its inside the wire channel
preventing any escapes.
End of cage opens up
when clip pin is removed.

Some items painted black for clairity

Available in two sizes
5" x 5" x 24" cage
Transfer Cap
The "Transfer Cap" makes any trap into a transfer cage.
Just attach to any trap with wire or clips.   (for use with 5" traps)
The unit has spring loaded one way door that angles back
to funnel the animal through hole in the bottom of the cap.
4" high x 5" wide x 12" long (16 gage GAW wire)

Cut a hole in trap the same size as in the bottom of the transfer cap and wire or clip the transfer cap to the trap.

Custom size Transfer Caps per quote.
Transfer Cap
Squirrel Transfer Cage (for use with 5" traps)
Unit is 5" x 5" x 32". Holds 10 to 12 squirrels. Great for roof and attic jobs
End of cage opens when clip pin is removed.
5" x 5" x 32"
Squirrels easily move from trap to transfer cage