HY-C Multi-Flue Big Top Chimney Caps
These chimney caps are available in 4 types of material and 3 mesh heights.
1. Black painted galvanized steel       
2. Stainless steel
3. Stainless steel with hinged mounting flanges
4. Copper
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Black Painted
Galvanized Screens
Prevents raccoons, squirrels, birds and weather from entering your chimneys.
These attractive chimney covers will also improve the value of your home or business.
Any chimney cap listed is manufactured with high quality materials and craftsmanship. They will provide protection from nuisance animals, weather and peace of mind for years.
Hinged Mounting Flanges are available on all copper caps.
Add 10% to listed price for hinged copper caps.
Phone orders only on all HY-C Products. 
Please call: 614-835-0878

Quantity pricing available on all HY-C products

Under $300 = Listed Price
$300 to $500 = 10% discount
Over $500 = 20% discount